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Our members stories - With grateful acknowledgment to the Herald who have given GAP authorisation to use this article.


AMANDA When Amanda‟s mother fell pregnant with her in the early 1960s in Dorset, South England, the odds were stacked against a happy outcome. She was 16, the unmarried daughter of a vicar, and the father was a much older man. The sixties were nowhere near swinging and Amanda‟s grandfather and birth father joined forces to insist the child be given up.full story....


CHRIS Gazing into the dark liquid eyes of his newborn son, Chris Small made a lifechanging decision. The proud father, who had been adopted as a child, realised he had to meet his birth mother. .full story....




JAN A chance meeting in the street was the first time Jan Morris’s father knew of her existence. He and Jan’s mother Cynthia had been in a relationship in the late 1960s which had ended before the pregnancy was discovered and the couple had lost contact. .

full story....